Holiday Greetings from the Bird Center of Michigan!

This year has been like no other and for more reasons than you might think. In 2020, our small clinic has received more injured and orphaned birds than any single year since we began our work in 2004. To date we have given care and compassion to over 1400 wild birds and this year is not over. Window collisions, cat attacks and habitat destruction have been the overwhelming reasons for this record-setting year.

The staff and volunteers at the Bird Center have worked tirelessly to rehabilitate and release those in need. Ultimately this increase in patient numbers, along with fundraising and staff shortages due to the pandemic, have stretched both our facility and our resources to their limits. Our tiny building can no longer sustain the growing number of birds in need of medical care. These record-breaking numbers forced us to close our doors to new intakes several times throughout this year. Now the Bird Center is asking for your support…

If you can, please donate this holiday season!

Your tax-deductible donation can keep the Bird Center open and ready to give professional and compassionate care to wild birds from all over SE Michigan. In this season of giving, we ask that you help us to give them a second chance at a free and healthy life in the wild.

On behalf of all wildlife and the Bird Center team, thank you!
Warm regards,Andrea Aiuto, Clinic Director, and the Bird Center Board of Directors

PS – Did you know? Almost 90% of your donation goes directly to the care of wild songbirds!