Over on our social media pages, we’ll be featuring our Baby Shower Wishlist for the next several Wishlist Wednesdays! All items on this Amazon wishlist will benefit the more than 1000 baby birds we’ll raise this summer! To start off, we’re featuring Kaytee Nut & Fruit Seed Blend that our backyard birds are absolute nutty about! A favorite of our robins, cardinals, and more, our growing birds can’t get enough of this seed mix!

Admitted in the summer of 2021, this albino American Robin looked a bit different than the robins we’re used to! He was raised with fellow robins and thrived on his diet of Kaytee Nut & Fruit blend with a side of yummy mealworms. A full exam by the vet determined his eyesight was not impacted by his albinism, and he was able to be released back into the wild with the robins he grew up with!

Your donations of items from our Baby Shower Wishlist will benefit Michigan’s injured and orphaned baby birds this upcoming baby season! You can find this tasty seed mix at the top of our newly created wishlist: https://amzn.to/42wlIjC

If you’d prefer to donate to our Baby Shower in other ways, please visit our Donate page. We appreciate our amazing community of supporters!

Important note:

Relating to this Wishlist Wednesday item, please be aware of a voluntary recall involving Kaytee Wild Bird Food Birder’s Blend seed mix. Rest assured, this recalled Kaytee seed blend is not the same blend listed on our Amazon Wishlist. If you use Kaytee brand bird seed, double check your seed blend to be sure!