Fall Update

Fall migration has arrived just as we released the last of our summer babies. As we head into the next busy bird season, we want to remind our community of the Bird Center’s policies.

We are still practicing proper protocols for COVID-19. We have two signs on our doors instructing of our policies along with a sign that instructs to please knock before entering. When you call about an injured bird, we will inform you to either call when you arrive or come to the door, knock, and wait for staff as we are not allowing the public in the Center. Please also bring the bird in a box, paper bag, or an item you do not mind parting with. If you do need the item back, please make Bird Center staff aware during drop off or during the phone call before you drop off. This allows for us to quickly take the bird, assess any injuries, and provide the best possible care.

The Bird Center’s policies are in place not only due to COVID-19, but year-round as we sometimes have birds flying free in the facility for building muscles and flight practice. If you come to the Bird Center, please do not enter without being greeted by our staff first.

Thank you to our amazing community for your support in the rescue of birds! Please understand that from the start of baby season until the end of fall migration, we are feeding from sunup to sundown while managing medical treatment, numerous phone calls, and more. We need your help in providing the best care for our feathered friends!

As a thank you for your support, here is a sunset release of a Common Nighthawk that was rehabilitated after a collision. He flew wonderfully, circled the area, and then landed on a branch.